Retractable Sign Hanging System by Bri-don

With the Bri-Don Display System, Visual merchandising is finally in your control. No ladder required!

A convenient, simple and easy to use system that allows retailers to maximize their ceiling space while cutting down on safety and labour costs associated with the hazards of hanging ceiling signs.

Click here to see the Bri-Don sign hanging solution in action!

Bri-Don solves the problem:

Employees just clip the Bri-Don display unit in place, and they never have to use a ladder again. Signs can be changed over and over in mere seconds at ground level. You get no complaints and complete compliance.

Another reason employees love it? The Bri-Don display is self-levelling with adjustable heights - no more straining to get signs hung properly. Customers see your sign, not the display.

The Bri-Don unit is small and a neutral colour, so it blends into the ceiling, virtually unnoticeable.

Eliminating ladders means reducing falls and injuries - making your workplace safer. Safety is enhanced in all your locations.