Hang your signs and banners up in every store, on time, safely and with ease!

Introducing the patented Hang ʻN Slide Retail Sign and Banner Hanging System: the only permanent system that eliminates all the frustrations of sign and banner implementation. Put it up in your grocery, retail or department store and wonder how you ever managed without it.

Click here to see the Hang 'N Slide sign hanging solution in action!

Grocery Store

Have a banner hanging over your grocery aisle? The Hang 'N Slide track hangs from your ceiling and the special carrier hooks slide to accommodate signs or banners of any size. Simply slide the banner over to the open aisle, change the sign, and slide it back in place. Eliminate the risk of injury from associates leaning over or balancing on end aisle displays.

Run a track across your checkout aisle to promote in-store or upcoming events. Use the Hang 'N Slide for signage over your freezer displays.

With the Hang 'N Slide you can turn over an entire store in 1/5th of the time versus ceiling clips, hooks, threads and wires.

Mass Market Retail Store

Run a department store and want to promote in-store events at the entrances and exits? What about department specific programs?

Strategically placed Hang 'N Slide tracks mean you can promote multiple programs in store... and the programs look the same in every store!

Remember there are no hooks to carry, no measures to take, and every store will look the same!

Retail Store

The patented Hang 'N Slide is the only permanent sign and banner hanging system that allows for the fast, safe, simple and consistent implementation of sign and banner hanging programs at store level.

Coordinating your promotional campaigns with in-store sign and banner programs can be a real challenge. You need the signs to go up on time and look consistent across all stores. You also need a system that can promote multiple messages.

By eliminating the need for hooks, clips, wires or rulers, your signs will be the first things up for your campaigns...not the last!

Installed in a consistent location in each store The Hang 'N Slide eliminates the drudgery of hanging signs and ensures that they are displayed consistently in each store. Supplied with a number of carrier hooks, the Hang 'N Slide can accommodate multiple signs to support one or multiple messages.

Other Uses

Coming soon.

With the simple to install and maintenance free Hang 'N Slide you can:

  • Accommodate multiple signs in all sizes
  • Reduce store sign change over time by 80%
  • Eliminate the risk of injury and frustration with sign hanging
  • Create a consistent look in-store and in all stores every time
  • Achieve 100% compliance with all sign and banner campaigns
  • Eliminate handling, storing and fumbling with loose clips, wires and hook
  • Put an end to the thousands of dollars wasted on poor implementation